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Howdy~ I'm Ale, lot's of people know me as cake though. I'm somewhat of a software developer, though i enjoy doing basically anything that is actually fun and mostly relates to computers.
Other stuff to let you know me better, mh, i'm 19, and i live in italy 🍕, yeah, that's it, this is supposed to be a short intro!

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If you are my friend you may already know, but I'm very much obsessed with open source crap, that's why this website is hosted on my git istance, and that's why i use linux, specifically, i'm using nixos, it's quite the nice distro it has a lot of issues, regarding the documentation, but it is usable, and i like having my system available as a readable config file. Regarding my choice of desktops, well, as you may see i'm using GNOME, it's pretty much my favorite desktop environment.

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My interests...well, i do enjoy a lot of things, my main ones focus on software, i like to learn new technologies, even if it takes me a while. And, as you might have noticed, dear reader, my wallpaper is from an anime, evangelion, and i really like evangelion and with like, i mean that it's one of my favorite pieces of media ever, the third impact just resonates with me so much, both in the anime ending, and the movie.

Other than that, i do enjoy coding, making websites, writing css, drawing, making pixel art, trying new technologies... i have quite a lot of interests, that i am not going to write here, for now.

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OH yeah! one big hobby of mine is to basically, fuck up my old laptop...yeah...it's my main server and yeah, it's underpowered, that's why i rented a couple cheap VPS from Hetzner, and they do the job quite nicely, my laptop is now used only for my Nextcloud, Navidrome, FreshRSS and my Revolt bot.
While my VPS hosts a Matrix dendrite istance and a Lemmy istance.
It has been quite the learning experience for me, haha, i have to thank a friend of mine for teaching me how to use Docker, as i had been too stubborn to use it at first.

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Well, a cool thing about how my brain works, is that i have a very hard time thinking about past things, even if they happened recently, which makes me a perfect candidate to be the "venting" friend, i forget everything, and i have a diary which i forget to update, haha, though, it may just be a consequence of untreated depression.

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